Author: Cyril Widdershoven

Saudi power struggle could destabilize the entire Middle East

Political instability in Saudi Arabia is growing as King Salman bin Abdulaziz begins to overhaul the Saudi government, putting a long list of family members into positions of influence while increasing the power of his son, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. These actions have the potential to lead to a direct conflict with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. The expected internal power collision, predicted by many analysts, finally seems to be heating up. The real surprise, however, is that it is taking place while King Salman is still alive rather than during the succession period. King Salman’s royal...

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Arab States’ Military Alliance to Confront Iran Soon? Reality and Disagreements Hitting Capabilities

Since the end of 2016, alliances in the Middle East again have become very fluid. Internal pressure, regional aspirations and the fall-out of the new Trump Administration, are having a detrimental effect on the region’s military-political constellation. After several years of a Sunni-Shi’a confrontation in Syria and Yemen, which has led to the setup of a Sunni-led military alliance, bringing together Arab, African and Asian countries, including Turkey, Trump’s Administration now has put its weight behind it too. Several American advisors of Trump’s skeleton government already have called for an increased Arab-Israeli cooperation to confront the ongoing power build-up...

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