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Algeria risk assessment: week ending June 7, 2017

In the period of between 1 and 7 June, there were 66 critical incidents in Algeria, resulting in four deaths, eight wounded, and 253 arrests. The arrests focused mostly on undocumented migrants, drug traffickers, Islamic insurgents and terrorism supporters. ¨ This week, human and social-related incidents accounted for 36.36% of the total incident pool, followed by criminality with 21.21% and security and defense with 19.7%. ¨ On the terror front, two terrorist attacks occurred this week. The first one took place in Larbaa, Blida province, where a gendarmerie post was attacked by armed insurgents, leaving four officers wounded. The Islamic State...

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Nigeria’s crumbling power infrastructure

Between Monday and Thursday this week, five power generating turbines and four plants were shut down in Nigeria. The halt in activity is attributed to a collapse in the base infrastructure and supply constraints.  The five turbines and a plant were shut down due to gas constraints; one plant stopped functioning as a result of high frequency issues; another suffered line tripping, while the last was out on maintenance.  On Thursday, 25 May, the Shiroro, Gbarain NIPP, and Egbin ST 6 plants were not generating electricity.  The industry’s operational report for 25 May showed that power generation dropped to...

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